StashDock content marketing system

2015 | Consultation, Specification, Build

StashDock is a completely new way for businesses, particularly franchises and businesses belonging to trade organisations, to handle the ever important need to get web presence and online marketing right. The project is the brain child of Emma Clarke – award-winning voiceover, broadcaster and writer.

The Challenge

As a completely new concept in content marketing, there was no existing system to base initial ideas and scoping on. However, working closely with Emma Clarke, Avid quickly grasped the business case for the project and identified the potential challenges – thus helping to shape the solution to meet both technical and commercial objectives.

The Solution

Avid developed a web-based application that will handle – on the public-facing side – the branding and content of web ‘micro-sites’ for clients, the incorporation of both video and blog content automatically into client micro-sites. On the administrative side, the system allows for the work-flowing of tasks between StashDock staff, and provides managers with the tools to quickly review the overall picture.

The Benefit

Both the concept of StashDock, and the technology that supports it, have been very well received by industry professionals. The sophistication of the user interface means that potential customers are able to not only quickly grasp the concept, but can immediately see the potential benefit to businesses large and small.

StashDock was developed using an award of Government Business Development funding. When the concept was presented to Government, officials were so impressed by the specification and rationale behind StashDock that the project won approval. StashDock will be used by the Government’s Business Growth Hub as a case study for how it helps SMEs to develop outstanding digital products.

StashDock will launch in autumn 2015, to learn more about the project visit

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