USB link software

2014 | Specification, Build

Development of prototype bespoke software to link small, hand-held blood monitoring units to a PC to allow patients and medical professionals to access readings and chart progress.

The Challenge

A specialist medical equipment manufacturer required the development of some prototype software that would link small, hand-held blood monitoring units used by patients to a PC – so that patients and medical professionals could view and monitor the results within a user-friendly, accessible interface.

The Solution

On Avid’s recommendation, firmware changes to the units were implemented, and a PC interface was created to link the unit’s microcontroller to a PC via a USB cable. This allowed for the download of data from the unit to a secure database in the cloud – ready to be presented via a web app to users.

The Benefit

Having a working prototype enabled the company to demonstrate the technology to leading healthcare professionals in the UK and beyond. The USB link worked seamlessly, and the web app to present the results was intuitive and accessible for both patients and healthcare professionals alike.

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